MHC is a rare and special place where outstanding company culture is intentional- where clients and employees are treated the same, as equals.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

The initiative helps support and build an inclusive agency culture that continues to amplify and celebrate diverse employees' voices, fuel innovation through unique perspectives, and create welcoming and safe spaces for all. 

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee was started by staff and strives to help all staff at MHC find wellness in whatever is needed. Wellness is not just about working out and losing weight. It looks different for everyone and the committee sends out content weekly to support each other.

Employee Appreciation Committee

Throughout the year, the EAC shows our employees how much we care. Through giveaways, anniversary gifts, events, contests, and more, you will feel the love that MHC has for all of our staff.

Open Door Policy

At MHC, we share ideas and treat all opinions with respect and consideration. We  encourage employees to raise questions or concerns to their immediate supervisor or another member of management. We welcome employees' feedback to implement changes to maintain the best workplace.